Conference in Italy

On February 22nd, Giardini Naxos Municipality organized a one-day local conference in Italy to present the DCM project achievements and discuss challenges and opportunities in the cultural and creative sector (CCS) in the digital age. The event aimed to engage a diverse group of stakeholders and promote the application of project outputs.

The conference featured two panel discussions:

  1. Capitalizing on the DCM Project for the CCS Focusing on the DCM project’s impact on local and national levels, this panel explored the adoption and application of its outputs. The Position Paper on training investments and OERs for enhancing digital skills in the cultural and creative sector (IO4) was introduced, with translations available in all partner languages.

  2. Charting the Digital Terrain: Challenges and Opportunities for the CCS This panel examined the challenges and opportunities related to digital skills in the CCS, with attendees sharing experiences and thoughts on the DCM project and its results. The discussion highlighted the need for investment in digital skills and the importance of supportive policies and initiatives.

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