Conference in Germany

The DCM Final Conference in Berlin aimed to engage a wide range of stakeholders, encourage the use of project outputs, and increase the project’s impact. The event brought together key figures from adult organizations, the cultural and creative sector (CCS), and policymakers to discuss the importance of digital skills for adult learners in the CCS and Europe’s future.

The conference featured group discussions on various themes related to digital skills, OERs, and training investments. Participants exchanged ideas and experiences on promoting the adoption of DCM project outputs and the role of policymakers in supporting digital skills development in the CCS.

The Position Paper on training investments and OERs for raising digital skills in the CCS (IO4) was released during the conference. Attendees were encouraged to download the paper and share it with other stakeholders. The event aimed to raise awareness about the project and create appropriate conditions for sustainable results after the funding period.

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