Conference in Estonia

On February 16th, RNUN held a one-day final local conference in Parnu, Estonia, to present the DCM project and its outcomes to a diverse group of stakeholders. The event aimed to engage a wider audience, promote the utilization of project outputs, and enhance the project’s impact.

The conference began with an overview of the project, followed by two panel discussions. The first panel focused on the DCM project’s impact on local and national levels, with representatives from adult organizations, the CCS, and policymakers providing feedback and suggestions for future applications. The Position Paper on training investments and OERs for enhancing digital skills in the cultural and creative sector (IO4) was made available, with attendees encouraged to download it.

The second panel explored the challenges and opportunities for digital skills in the CCS. Attendees shared their experiences and exchanged ideas on the DCM project and its Intellectual Outputs. The discussions highlighted the importance of investing in digital skills for adult learners in the CCS and the need for further policies and initiatives to support them.

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