Conference in Bulgaria

The DCM Final Conference in Sevlievo, Bulgaria, aimed to engage a diverse audience of stakeholders and promote the DCM project’s outputs for a lasting impact. Key representatives from adult education institutions, the cultural and creative sector (CCS), and policymakers attended to discuss the significance of digital skills for adult learners in the CCS and Europe’s future.

Conference sessions included keynote presentations, panel discussions, and networking opportunities, fostering an interactive learning environment. The Sevlievo Mayor’s Council presented insights on digital skills and the role of training investments and OERs in the CCS.

The conference successfully raised awareness about the DCM project and facilitated the exchange of ideas and experiences related to its Intellectual Outputs. The Position Paper on training investments and OERs for raising digital skills in the CCS (IO4) was introduced and made available in all partner languages. Attendees were encouraged to download and share the paper.

Through diverse sessions and activities, the conference engaged stakeholders, facilitated dialogue, and encouraged the adoption of the DCM project’s outputs.

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