Blended mobility in Italy

From 3rd to 11th of June 2022, MUSIKART hosted in Italy the blended mobility (BM) of adult learners. The mobility responded to the main objective to pilot the MOOC courses and so provide a proper assessment and feedback of them, in view of their official release and use in the field of adult. The BM was used for course content evaluation, and for the refinement of the activities and exercises to adapt them to the target group characteristics and seek to identify any unforeseen implementation problems. The daily agenda and activities of participants were very intensive and creative and were organized in a way to go through all MOOC courses (IO3) developed. The training was based on non-formal learning methodology including methods such as: ice breakers, outdoor events, cultural visits, energizers, name games, reflection groups, working into intercultural subgroups, facilitated discussion, creative presentations, simulation, case study, and debates. The training involved 30 participants, 5 for each of the Partner Countries (Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Estonia and Spain) and was held in Tarsia, Italy.


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